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National Quartz

Clear Fused Quartz Tubing, Rod & Custom Fabrication

[Fused Quartz Tubing, Tube & Rod]

    Authorized Momentive GE Fused Quartz Distributor/Fabricator
    Founded 1950

  • Same Day Shipping of Quartz Tubing & Rod from Large Inventory
  • Stock Materials - Fused Quartz Tube & Rod
                             - Polished Plate, Wool and Crucibles
                             - Screened & Cleaned Crushed Quartz
  • Corning Pyrex ® (Borosilicate) Tubing, Rod and Plate
  • Custom Fabrication - Semiconductor Quartzware
                                    - Light Pipes & Windows
                                    - Laboratory Glassware
  • Ground Glass Joints, Flasks and Beakers
  • Ground or Polished Solid Stock and Custom Machined Shapes
  • Diamond & Silicon Carbide Glass Cut-off Wheels
  • Electric Furnaces for Quartz and Borosilicate Annealing
  • Specializing in - Quartzware for the Crystal Growth Industry
                             - Stock Material Distribution
National Quartz
400 Front Street
Hellertown, PA 18055 USA

Hours: 7AM-3:30PM Eastern
Phone: 610-838-7047
FAX: 610-838-7440

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Fused Quartz Tubing & Rod Catalog (Effective 10/1/17)
Fused Quartz Properties & Usage Guide
Fused Quartz MSDS

Corning PYREX Tubing - Standard Wall (Effective 5/31/19)
Corning PYREX Tubing - Medium Wall (Effective 5/31/19)
Corning PYREX Tubing - Heavy Wall (Effective 5/31/19)
Corning PYREX Tubing - Special Wall (Effective 5/31/19)
Corning PYREX Tubing - Capillary (Effective 5/31/19)
Corning PYREX Tubing - Rod (Effective 5/31/19)

Corning PYREX Technical Data
Corning PYREX Thermal Properties

On-line Quotation Request Form
On-line Tubing & Rod Order Form (Domestic Orders Only)

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